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How you can join us

Becoming a JC MASH board member

Are you looking to make a positive impact on your community?

The impacts of Covid-19 have prompted a compelling period of reenvisioning and reorganizing for JC MASH. Help is needed to usher us forward. We are looking for board members with organizational skills, bookkeeping, IT comfort, knack for fundraising, a willingness to explore possibilities, and a gift for team work. We want young and old, rich or poor, introverts and extroverts, We want you: your compassion, your imagination, and your sense of community.

What does a JC MASH board member typically do?

Members attend 1 hour board meetings, typically once a month. Members oversee the vision and direction of the clinic, not the day to day operations. They follow up on tasks discussed and designated at the meeting. Generally, each member (aside from officers) will participate in a sub-committee such as fundraising or publicity. In addition, board members represent JC MASH in whatever sphere of influence they may have in the community, facilitating vital partnerships. They may sponsor participation in community events or attend a relevant conference. Generally, board members advance JC MASH by contributing whatever skills and backgrounds they have, whether that be website design, legal advice, clinical experience, administration, or other. Everyone has something to offer!

If you are interested or have more questions, please contact us!