Board – Jefferson County Medical Advocacy and Service Headquarters

Board Members

James Kimber Rotchford, MD, Medical Director and interim President

Andie Joon-Becker, Immediate past-president

Pallas Bürhen, Immediate Past-Treasurer

Christina Brinch, ARNP

Clara Mason – Acting Secretary


Become a board member

We are looking for board members with organizational skills, bookkeeping, IT comfort, knack for fundraising, a willingness to explore possibilities, and a gift for teamwork. We want young and old, rich or poor, introverts and extroverts. We want you: your compassion, your imagination, and your sense of community. Members attend 1 hour board meetings, typically once a month. Members oversee the vision and direction of the clinic, not the day-to-day operations. They follow up on tasks discussed and designated at the meeting. Generally, each member (aside from officers) will participate in a sub-committee such as fundraising or publicity. In addition, board members represent JC MASH in whatever sphere of influence they may have in the community, facilitating vital partnerships. They may sponsor participation in community events or attend a relevant conference. Email us at to express your interest.